Website Development in Georgia Since 1994

Yes, we’re older than Google! Based in Macon, Georgia, egg media provides website development and secure hosting of websites and email. Our clients include retailers, restaurants, attorneys, non-profits, local governments, distributors, manufacturers, trade associations, churches, brokers, artists and writers, contractors, real estate developers, publishers, and businesses of all kind. Contact for more information.

Here are some examples of our current work. Click on any image to visit website:

Roberta Crawford Chamber of Commerce
William's Fun Smart Toys
Walter Elliott
Bert Maxwell
Teeger Entertainment
SJ Labs and Analytics

adaptive mobile friendly website design

Adaptive, Mobile Friendly Design

We design websites to look great on all screens, whether it’s a widescreen monitor or the smallest phone.

Monitored Web Hosting

Choosing the right hosting provider for your website is an important decision. If you have a Website, hackers WILL attempt to compromise it, no matter how small your organization may be. Unless proper safeguards are in place you are at high risk. We constantly monitor for attempted intrusions and hacker attacks, and make sure all software is up to date and the latest patches are applied.

We also supply all the tools needed to monitor your website traffic and offer help every step of the way.

secure web hosting

egg media is a web development agency that’s been serving businesses, retailers, restaurants, industrial companies, attorneys, business service companies, nonprofits and local governments in Georgia  and worldwide since 1994. We help clients build business and e-commerce websites with high functionality and establish an online presence that communicates branding effectively. Our creative web developers utilize SEO strategies to design and create websites that rank high on search engines. We are proficient at web and email hosting, website management, and incorporate cutting-edge custom features.